About The Writers

Alexander James Wilkinson (Head Writer)
Reviews First Doctor/Second Doctor


Often described as “That weird, long-haired bloke in a frock coat, scarf and hat”, Alex spends most of his time between caring for family, studying for a history degree (when he’s not burrowed in at the student bar), being a guitar tech and writing for not only Review The Who but also the Doctor Who Worldwide website. When he has any free time, he spends it looking for old vinyl records or playing table top games and he is also fandom’s leading expert on why Whovians hate Adric (well, according to Wikipedia he is anyway).

His favourite story from Classic Who is “The Tomb Of The Cybermen”.

His favourite story from New Who is “The Night Of The Doctor”.


Richey Hackett (Head Writer/Chief Editor)
Reviews Eighth Doctor/Twelfth Doctor/Specials


Richey is a blogger and musician from The Black Country, UK. To date he has recorded 8 albums of original music, which can be heard over at http://www.last.fm/music/Richey+Hackett. He also works as a retail advisor for O2 because blogging and music don’t pay the bills. His greatest passions in life are music, reading, film, Doctor Who and Batman. At 31 years of age he’s still figuring out what he’s supposed to do with his life so, for now, writing reviews of Doctor Who episodes will have to suffice.

His favourite story from Classic Who is “The Curse Of Fenric”.

His favourite story from New Who is “The Waters Of Mars”.


Gavin Dunbar
Reviews Third Doctor


Gavin is the Bass Machine with Scots band Camera Obscura. He is a lifelong Doctor Who geek, music obsessive, Petrocelli of the home studio world, DJ and King of Partick. When not providing low end rhythms, he manages a Charity Shop in Glasgow specialising in music, books and vintage clothes and furniture. He lives in Glasgow with a wife, two kids and a cat thats a dick.

His favourite story from Classic Who is “City Of Death”.

His favourite story from New Who is “Vincent and The Doctor”.



@kingofpartick on twitter


Steve Horry
Reviews Fourth Doctor/Sixth Doctor


Steve Horry is a comics artist who also hosts geeky pub quizzes across London under the Geeks Inc banner. If he ever gets any free time, he likes hanging out with his daughter, messing around with various musical instruments and posting flippant nonsense on the Internet. He lives in Tunbridge Wells with his long-suffering wife, his daughter, two cats and more Doctor Who tat than the aforementioned wife would like.

He can’t decide on a favourite Classic Who episode, so he’s going to say it’s a toss-up between “City Of Death”, “Ghost Light” and ‘The Mind Robber”.

His favourite story from New Who is “The Doctor’s Wife”. Probably.

His favourite wilderness years story is Alien Bodies, if you’re interested in such things.




Emma Tofi
Reviews Ninth Doctor/Tenth Doctor


Emma is a nursery nurse by day and a writer by night, with 3 published children’s books and an adult novel currently in progress.  She’s also a proud nerd, a foodie, an activist and a dreamer of improbable dreams. Emma is one of those New Whovians who only got into the show in 2005 and something of a Matt Smith fangirl (i.e. TOTAL FANGIRL).  Her natural habitat is in the queue for a gig and if you find her in one, she’s usually dressed like an idiot. Emma can be found babbling on about various stuff at her blog; www.theramblingcurl.blogspot.com

Her favourite story from Classic Who is “Genesis Of The Daleks”.

Her favourite story from New Who is “Vincent and The Doctor”.


Matthew Marcus
Reviews Fifth Doctor/Seventh Doctor


Try as he might, Matthew cannot escape from the 1980s. He thought he was safe when he became a web developer, but then he got a job building websites for Beggars Group and now even his dreams are soundtracked by Cocteau Twins and Pixies. So obviously,  OBVIOUSLY, Richey assigned him most of the 1980’s to review for RTW. Not the Colin Baker stuff though…that’d just have been cruel.

He has two small daughters and is currently mostly exasperating his wife by getting the one-year-old to point at the TV screen and say “Doctor!”. Meanwhile the four-year-old can do the world’s cutest Dalek impression.

His favourite story from Classic Who is “Ghost Light”.

His favourite story from New Who is “Hide”, possibly solely on the grounds that it’s the one that most resembles “Ghost Light’.


Richard Barnes
Reviews Eleventh Doctor


Richard is a Business Analyst living in Wellington, New Zealand (the coolest little Capital in the world, says Lonely Planet), just down the road from his great pal, Peter Jackson. He is slowly tutoring his children in the paths of righteousness and Doctor Who. “Destiny Of The Daleks” and Doctor Who Magazine issue 1 sucked him in originally and, 30 odd years later, he managed to get his wife to dress up as Rose to see “The Day Of The Doctor”. One day he will finish his novel. His very occasional ramblings (and knee-jerk, one-eyed Who reviews) crop up on http://richardbarneswriter.blogspot.co.nz/.

His favourite story from Classic Who is “Warrior’s Gate”.

His favourite story from New Who is “A Christmas Carol”.

Now, go and buy his awesome ebook The Royal Wedding from Hell from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/178959


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