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Welcome to the blog!

Review The Who exists for the single purpose of bringing you personal, opinionated and often irreverent reviews of every episode of the greatest British science fiction series ever created. After 50 years of travelling through time and space, The Doctor’s adventures are something we remain passionate about and eager to share our opinions on.

For the curious, here’s how the rating system works for our reviews:

10 – Absolute Classic
9 – Excellent
8 – Very Good
7 – Good
6 – Good in places
5 – Watchable
4 – Poor
3 – Very Poor
2 – Crap
1 – Abomination!!

Please feel free to leave comments and if there’s a topic you’d like to see an article on, just drop us a line. We publish Classic Who reviews and New Who reviews alike on a Saturday evening, usually once a fortnight. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our geeky ramblings!

Doctor Who is copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). All photos and other media are used for entertainment and review purposes only, there is no financial gain made from this blog.

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