“Time Crash”

DW Series 4 - Time Crash

Having parted ways with his companions, The Doctor experiences a malfunction in the TARDIS that leads him to a brief encounter with his Fifth incarnation.

Originally broadcast as part of the BBC’s Children In Need telethon in 2007, this Doctor Who mini episode is little more than a tribute to Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. And do you know what? It’s bloody wonderful. A truly heartfelt and enchanting piece of work from writer Steven Moffat, “Time Crash” not only tickles the sensibilities of hardcore Whovians everywhere, but also introduces the newer members of the audience to one of the greats from the show’s history. Growing up as I did in the era of no Doctor Who on TV, I enjoyed Davison’s exploits on VHS so his presence here is utterly uplifting and very nostalgic. He’s older, of course, but once back in that familiar garb of the Fifth Doctor it’s as though no time has passed at all since his reign. There’s some lovely comedy throughout and the chemistry between the two Doctors is pitch perfect. Ultimately it’s a love note to the show itself, playing up the nature of fandom (with the Fifth Doctor mistaking the Tenth Doctor for a fan of his work) and celebrating the link between Classic Who and New Who.

The final heartwarming farewell between Davison and Tennant stands as a golden moment in the legacy of Doctor Who and, for something that is little more than a trifle, this proves to be a memorable episode that shows just how much New Who understands and respects it’s origins. A nostalgic 9/10.

Written and edited by Richey Hackett


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